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Pershing LLC Pershing Rollover Processing Pershing Transfer Processing Pershing LLC
PO Box 382121 PO Box 382084 P.O. Box 382091 400 South Hope Street Suite 500
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15250-8121 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15250-8084 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15250-8091 Los Angeles CA 90071

Send Checks By Overnight Mail

Pershing LLC Pershing Rollover Processing Pershing Transfer Processing  
Att: 382121 Att: 382084 Att: 382091  
500 Ross Street 154-0455 500 Ross Street 154-0455 500 Ross Street 154-0455  
Pittsburgh PA 15262-0001 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15262-0001 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15262-0001  
  No Third Party checks. No Cash.      

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Bank of New York Mellon Citibank Frankfurt See details here  
ABA 021 000 018      
Beneficiary: Pershing LLC Beneficiary: Pershing LLC    
Beneficiary Account #: 890-051238-5

Beneficary Account:
IBAN: DE 2450 2109 0001 1976 9019

Ultimate Beneficiary: 4FN-[your account no.], title of your account sub a/c 4FN-[your account no.], title of account    

Securities Transfer or Settlements


The DTC Number for Pershing LLC (our clearing broker) is 0441. The Euroclear account for Pershing LLC is 98730.

Depositing Physical Certificates

1) Sign the stock power on the reverse side of the security; 2) appoint Pershing LLC as attorney; 3) write your account number on the face of the security; 4) send the security to: Securites Received, Pershing LLC, One Pershing Plaza, Jersey City NJ 07399. Do NOT send to Aufhauser's NY office. We do not accept them in our NY office. Send only to Pershing.

Useful Forms for you to download and Complete






New Account Application Form

Margin Agreement and Disclosure Form

Option Agreement and Approval Form

Account Transfer Form (ACAT)

Roth IRA Adoption Agreement Form

Traditional IRA Adoption Agreement

IRA Distribution Form

Retirement (IRA) Designation of Beneficiary Form

Disposition of Non Transferable Security Form

Corporation Resolution Form

Disposition of a Security of Insignificant Value

Stock or Bond Power

Outgoing Wire Transfer Form

Power of Attorney Form (Trading Authority) USA

ACH Authorization Form

Instructions Re incoming Non USD Wires

Power of Attorney and Trading Authorization Form (non-USA)

IRS Tax form for Non-USA residents (W8 BEN) . This must be submitted with a) Government issued photo ID b) utility bill or bank statement with your non-USA address.

IRS W9 for US taxpayers


Find the form you require here or call:

  +1-800-686-1608 or +1-212-246-0205