Telephone Numbers: +1 (212) 757 6824 / +1 (212) 246 0205..... Main Fax: +1 (212) 246 0158

Toll Free: +1-800-686-1608

Email: is the ONLY email address for our company. Send ALL communications to that email address.

Mobile numbers in case the numbers above are out of order: +1 (212) 246 9420

Deposits and disbursements:

  • Use the Mobile Check Deposit Feature of (Preferred Method)

  • By Regular or Overnight Mail: Make Checks Payable to Pershing LLC. PUT YOUR 4FN-xxxxx account number on the face of the check. Send to Pershing LLC, Money Desk, One Pershing Plaza, Jersey City NJ 07399. If you are depositing to a retirment account, write RETIREMENT after Money Desk.
  • USD by wire: ABA 021 000 018, Bank of NY Mellon, SWIFT IRVTUS3N, Account 890-051238-5, Pershing LLC, sub-account 4FN-[insert your account number]

  • EURO by wire: Citibank Frankfurt, Swift: CITIDEFF, IBAN DE 2450 2109 0001 1976 901, Account of Pershing LLC, FBO sub-account, [4FN-xxxxxx, Your account title]

  • JPY by wire: Citibank Japan, Swift: CITIJPJT, Account 0156770426, Pershing LLC, FBO sub-account  [4FN-xxxxxx, Your acccount title]

  • GBP by wire: Chase, London ( Chaps Sort 60 92 42) CHASGB2L, Account GB64CHAS60924222376704, Pershing LLC, FBO sub-account  [4FN-xxxxxx, Your account title]

  • Full List of All Currencies Accepted as Deposits and the respective banks

  • Deposit of Securities
  • Securities Received, Pershing LLC, One Pershing Plaza, Jersey City, NJ 07399. Pershing's DTC Number is 0443
  • To contact Pershing Directly:
  • By telephone: 201-413-2000.
  • By mail: One Pershing Plaza, Jersey City NJ 08399.
  • To send Correspondence ONLY to Aufhauser (No money, No checks, No securities):
  • Aufhauser Securities, 112 West 56th Street, New York NY 10019
  • You can learn about the firm and our registered representatives by looking at the Finra " BrokerCheck" website.

    Aufhauser Securities Inc. clears on a fully disclosed basis through Pershing LLC, member FINRA/NYSE/SIPC, a wholly owned, indirect subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation.